Single use,
disposable, self-sampling


Portable, low cost reader
with polarising filter and detector


In 20 minutes

Combining linear dichroism with a disposable cartridge and instrument to provide simple Point-of-Care testing

Our patented linear dichroism and EXPAR technology have a number of distinct advantages including very rapid and accurate results, as well as the ability to detect multiple targets simultaneously.

Linear dichroism works by detecting a shift in the plane of polarised light when a target is bound to a detector. Different molecular recognition methods can be used on the detector molecules to measure the target analytes of interest. Antibodies can be used to detect antigens or oligonucleotides to capture complementary target DNA sequences.

Our LD detection technology enables us to sense short, rapidly synthesized strands of DNA. This allows us to make use of EXPAR, an extremely fast DNA amplification method that has shorted the time-to-result of our test to a fraction of that of traditional PCR. The isothermal nature of EXPAR also drastically simplifies the hardware demands, with no complex heating and colling cycles required.

The use of dyes for multiplexing which absorb in the visible region of the light spectrum has enabled Linear Diagnostics to use inexpensive optical components and miniaturise the instrument down to a size where it is fully portable. The system can be run from an internal rechargeable battery without relying on mains power or computer access.